I'm Pretty Jazzed About This.....

Publishing independently means you do everything yourself or hire it done. So far, I've been doing a lot of the book production on my own and learning as I go. But I like to think I know my limitations in terms of time and ability. 

So, I've hired out the art for my book covers. With the crash of traditional publishing, there are a lot of cover designers now hanging out their own shingle. That's how I scored Christian Bentulan of Covers by Christian to do the cover for Lioness of the Dust. I'll have him do at least two more books in the Scarab Prophecies series. 

But my big news is that I was able to get in the queue of the cover designer who did the covers for Stephen King's backlist (as subsequent editions come out) as well as John Le Carre. He has a 6- month waiting list so I will have him do at least three covers for my series after the Scarab Prophecies. Which I will get to in 2018. I won't tell you who it is yet, but he is from London and a real sweetie.