The First Draft

All writers work differently. 

Some breeze through the first draft and feel they've arrived - they dread revision and editing and polishing. And they either pay someone else to do it, or they go ahead and publish and their distaste for revision shows. 

Others relish polishing and revising. Taking the rough stone and making it shine. This is where I land. Today I finished the first draft of Lioness of The Dust and I'm really excited to get about the revising and polishing. If you've downloaded the excerpt, you have a taste of what the final draft will look like. 

I'm also excited to announce that I'm working on a novella: The Caves of Damora. This will only be available as a free download for my Readers Group or for those who purchase Lioness. I'll have further details later in September. But for now, if you haven't signed on to my Readers Group list, don't wait! I have more exclusive stuff planned.