One of the most important ways you can show appreciation for a book you have read is to leave an honest review. Readers have NO IDEA how important it is to a book's, or author's, success to have as many reviews as possible. And you are being incredibly helpful to your fellow readers. 

A new study shows that people making buying decisions rely more on the number of reviews than the star rating. So even a bad review (again, if it's honest) counts in helping both the author and other readers. 

But a lot of people (I'm one of them), just don't know what to say. We can be intimidated by the multi-paragraph analysis some people write. But shorter is better, so don't let that stop you. Here's a quick cheat sheet:

- Did you like the book? Or not? How much or how little? Or did it just leave you feeling, meh?

- Was there anything, in particular, you liked or disliked? A character, the setting?                      

- What kind of reader might like this book, and would you recommend it to them?                      

- If you feel you cannot give the book five stars, please give your reason; other readers will wonder if you give a great review but less than five stars. 

This does not have to be complicated or lengthy; here's an example:

4 stars

"I really liked 'Pub Dogs of London.' I didn't know pubs in London had their own dogs, and most of them were super cute. Now I want to visit London and these pubs. But I'm only giving this book 4 stars because the photos were kind of smudgy. If you love dogs, like I do, you would like this book too."

See? Easy peasy. But one last thing: PLEASE don't reveal any spoilers. You know, like, "I really liked this book, but I wish the hero didn't die of cancer at the end." 

When you leave an honest, helpful review like this - particularly for a book with less than 100 reviews, the author will love you forever and I believe (but I have to check) an angel gets it's wings.