It's Easy! Until It's Not....

Those of you who have pre-ordered Lioness of The Dust may have received an email from Amazon that the release date is now October 18.

First thank-you so much for pre-ordering! Amazon takes note of these things and it helps the overall promotion of the book. 

So, why is the release delayed? The short explanation is that in the final upload of the book, a file was corrupted and the inside looked horrible. Files for e-books (.mobi for Kindle and .epub for everyone else) are not Word documents. They have to be converted from Word and most of the time, that process goes smoothly. But one hard return or tab indent too many and you have a mess. 

I spent a couple of days trying to troubleshoot and fix it and I finally had to admit the problem was above my pay grade. I ended up sending the whole thing out to a professional e-book formatting service to make it look nice again. However, they will not have it finished in time for the original release date. 

The good news for readers is that you will have a much better reading experience. So good, you won't have to think about it. And that's the goal. It will just take a few more days. 

Thank you for your patience!