"Post-Apocalyptic" vs "Dystopian" Fiction: What's the Difference Anyway?

The promotional blurb for Lioness of The Dust calls it a "dystopian" fantasy novel. I did not write the blurb, but had an experienced copywriter with way more experience than me in book marketing, do it. If he wants to call it "dystopian", than "dystopian" it is. But as I was writing it, I always thought of it as a post-apocalyptic story. So, what is the difference? 

“Dystopian” usually refers to a world where there is a clear ruling class that has privilege and civil liberties that the clearly lower class does not. Generally, this ruling class is a minority and here is where the juicy conflicts often arise. Examples of dystopian settings are found in The Hunger Games, 1984, and most of the works of Philip K Dick.

“Post-Apocalyptic” refers to a world where the infrastructure has been destroyed by natural disaster, war, or environmental catastrophe. The Mad Max movies are a classic example of a post-apocalyptic world, as well as The Road by Cormac McCarthy.

This is not to say you can find both in a single story. Or in real life.

Post-Apocalyptic + Dystopian: Syrian civil war; Afghanistan under Taliban control, Mordor.

After you read the book, I’m interested in what you think: where does the story fall, and why?

It's Easy! Until It's Not....

Those of you who have pre-ordered Lioness of The Dust may have received an email from Amazon that the release date is now October 18.

First thank-you so much for pre-ordering! Amazon takes note of these things and it helps the overall promotion of the book. 

So, why is the release delayed? The short explanation is that in the final upload of the book, a file was corrupted and the inside looked horrible. Files for e-books (.mobi for Kindle and .epub for everyone else) are not Word documents. They have to be converted from Word and most of the time, that process goes smoothly. But one hard return or tab indent too many and you have a mess. 

I spent a couple of days trying to troubleshoot and fix it and I finally had to admit the problem was above my pay grade. I ended up sending the whole thing out to a professional e-book formatting service to make it look nice again. However, they will not have it finished in time for the original release date. 

The good news for readers is that you will have a much better reading experience. So good, you won't have to think about it. And that's the goal. It will just take a few more days. 

Thank you for your patience!

Quick Update

An update to the update:

Lioness of The Dust is now available as a Kindle ebook for pre-order! 

It's 99 cents until the book launches on October 18, so reserve your copy now.



Lioness of The Dust has been submitted to Amazon! Yay!

But it can take up to 72 hours for them to approve it. Boo.

A survey of Amazon authors shows that books are usually approved the same day, but things happen. As soon as they notify me that's it's available, I'll let you know. 

Update: Making Progress

When will the book be doooonnnnnne? Yeah, I'm getting that. Here is the timeline:

Lioness of The Dust will be available for pre-order starting September 28th on Amazon as a Kindle edition for a special price of 99 cents. Yep, $.99 USD. But only for two weeks. So, if you have an Amazon account, and a Kindle reader (on ANY device), order it between September 28-Oct. 11. It will go up to full price ($5.99) on October 12, and launch on Amazon as an e-book. (ed. to add: it will also be available to borrow on Kindle Unlimited at that time.)

What about paperback? you ask. I'm going to wait a bit to see if there is a demand. Paper and hard cover require a rather pricey re-do of the cover. And I'm not sure it's worth it. It would be available as POD (Print on Demand) and I don't know right now what I would have to charge for it, but I'll know more when I have a final page count. And I'll post that price here and to the Facebook group. 

In the meantime, if you've not signed up for the Readers Group, the sample chapter will only be available until the pre-order date of September 28th. So jump on that if you're interested. You'll still get a bunch of goodies after that though: Excerpts from Caves of Damora, and a link to a secret member's only page with audio recordings and cool stuff I haven't created yet. 

Sign up here: kklautner.com/sign-up/

Again, let me know if you have an interest in being on the Street Team and getting an Advanced Reader Copy of the book. Free of course. I'd love to know what you think of it.