Lioness of The Dust is now available as an ebook on Amazon! A huge Thank You to those who were beta readers and who pre-ordered! If you leave a review on Amazon, please let me know via email:; or Facebook Messenger and let me know the username you used. 

I'm working on creating the paperback version BUT it will be a while. Next month is NaNoWriMo and I will be writing the second book in The Scarab Chronicles. You want to find out what happens next, right?


The stories in The Scarab Prophecies take place on Earth some 500 years in the future, in what remains of North Africa. After the greatest impacts of climate change (The Collapse) have already occurred and humans are adjusting to a new reality. Most of the worlds’ population has been wiped out by floods, storms, war, disease, and famine. Land mass for providing food has been drastically reduced.  A power grid exists in only a few isolated areas, satellites have fallen from the sky, and world travel is a novelty.  

But as technology has receded, the existence and practice of magic has once again risen. To be used for good …. and for evil.